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O'min Cues is a well known brand in Thailand and first few manufacturers to use the air lock joint, even until now for maximum performance. Try one today!

O'min Hunter is one the highest grade of Omin Cues. The best ashwood is selected for the Hunter and decorated by maple veneers. Available in one piece and 3/4 joint.

Product Description
  • Weight: 17.5oz - 18oz
  • Length: 57'
  • Tip size: 10mm
  • Pop Joint
  • Completely hand made
  • Handmade 5 splices with veneer
  • Comes with Hard Cue Case (random design), Soft Cue Bag, Cue Towel, G3 Tip (1pc), Magnetic Chalk Holder (random colour), Cue Tip Shaper, Buck Chalk (random colour) and Cue Towel

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