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Weight(grams): 500

Dimension: 5 cm (Length) x 5 cm (Width) x 5 cm (Height)

A new standard that maximizes cue performance. By using polycarbonate fot he adhesive surface, performance canbe reproduced faster and more reliably even if the tip is replaced. Keeping the condition of the tool constant will further improve play. Eliminates the deterioration of tip performance due to adhesive as much as possible, and brings out the original performance of the cue.

Performance Reproducibility
Even if the tip is replaced, it is possible to repeatedly and stably demonstrate the perfomance of the cue.

Main Features

  • Shield - Prevents changes in tip hardness during installation by eliminating the penetration of adhesive into leather.
  • Flatness - Since the adhesive surface is flat, it can be easily attached. No need to buff the bottom of the tip.
  • Connection - Achieves high-precision mounting that brings out the original performance of tips and cues by minimizing the amount of adhesive required for mounting.

Product Specification
  • Size               :   10mm,11mm
  • Hardness       :   Medium,Medium Hard
  • Materials       :   10 Layered Laminated Leather Tip
  • Color              :   Black
  • Quantity : 1 piece

 Inquiry - KAMUI BLACK - 10MM,11MM (SNKR)