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Riley G2-2

  • Length: 57′ (145cm)
  • Configuration: 3/4 Cut Cue
  • Tip: 10mm Kamui Black Laminated Tip (M)
  • Ferrule: 8mm Stainless Steel with a 10mm Diameter
  • Shaft Wood: Grade 1 North American Ash laminated 8 pieces
  • Joint: Stainless Steel Bullet Joint By Uni-Loc
  • Butt Wood: Hand Spliced Natural Black Ebony
  • Butt Design: Stainless Steel Precision Inlays Encompassing Rengas Wood Inlays
  • Bumper: Premium Leather Bumper
  • Extension: 9″/23cm Natural Black Ebony Extension With Stainless Steel Bullet Joint By Uni-Loc And Branded Butt Cap
  • Comes with Aluminium Case, Magnetic Chalk Holder (random colour), Cue Tip Shaper, Buck Chalk (random colour), G3 Tip (1pc) and Cue Towel

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