CUESOUL D421 (1/2)
CUESOUL D421 (1/2)


CUESOUL D421 (1/2)


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Cuesoul D421 (Half Joint) is made with high quality ash wood that will satisfy your needs while playing billiard games.

Product Description
  • 57inch 2 Piece with Center Jointed Snooker/Pool Cue, suitable for both snooker and pool game also Black 8 Ball Games
  • Weight : 18oz - 19oz
  • Cue Shaft Made from Selected Kiln Dried North American Ash with Matching Grain, Rosewood Butt with Four Pearl Red Resin Splices and Coloured Veneers,all genuine veneers and splices (not painted)
  • Quality Vacuum Brass Joint,Solid Brass Ferrule 9.5 mm Leather Cue Tips (Glue on Tips),offer performance nice solid contact with ball
  • Comes with Hard Cue Case, Cue Towel, Buffalo Diamond Tip (1pc), Chalk Clamp, Cue Tip Shaper and Buck Chalk (random colour)

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